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The Alliance to Save our Antibiotics is calling for EU-wide reductions to farm antibiotic use.

As part of this, the Alliance is calling on the UK Government, UK food retailers and European policy makers to take the following urgent actions to save our antibiotics:

  1. To ban the routine use of antibiotics including the preventative use of antibiotics in groups of animals

  2. To ban all preventative use of the ‘critically important’ antibiotics (CIAs), as well as all group treatments using these antibiotics. CIAs should only be used to treat individual sick animals where sensitivity testing, or the results of recent sensitivity testing, shows that no other antibiotics are likely to work

  3. To include measures aimed at improving animal health and welfare in all antibiotic reduction strategies

The Alliance is working with farmers, food businesses, retailers, academics, policy makers and human health organisations to place the issue of farm-antibiotic abuse firmly on the table.

Our recent activity:

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We have partnered with global campaigning network Avaaz to ask EU policy makers to take strong action on farm antibiotics. Sign the petition

Ask your MP to tell the Government to listen to the evidence and stop the routine use of antibiotics to prop up cruel factory farming. Email your MP today

Join the Alliance. If you work for an organisation, join the Alliance and get involved in our activity - whether by taking part in our conferences and roundtables, supporting our investigations and campaigning, or contributing to our policy advocacy and solutions-building work.