Our latest research shows US farm use of antibiotics is five times higher than UK farms

Read our new report 'Farm antibiotic use in the United States - a threat to UK standards?'

Jan 2020: New supermarket report finds some businesses lacking commitment

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Medical experts call for ban on preventative use of antibiotics in groups of healthy animals

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2019 report: "Swann song" for routine antibiotic use, 50 years on?

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Read our report 'Real farming solutions to antibiotic misuse: what supermarkets and farmers must do'

Report - Real farming solutions to antibiotic misuse

"The medical community must call for EU-wide measures to save antibiotics for use in unhealthy humans, not healthy animals" - Royal College of Physicians

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Fluoroquinolone resistance in Campylobacter from retail chicken

Farm antibiotics: the issue

UK trade deals: latest research shows US farm use is 5 times higher than UK farms.

Our new analysis shows US use of farm antibiotics has been rising, whilst on UK farms it has been falling. Could a trade deal with the US jeopardise UK efforts to reduce farm antibiotic use?

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Supermarket assessment 2020

Three British supermarkets are still allowing their suppliers to use antibiotics routinely in animal feed and drinking water. The continued misuse of antibiotics in some supermarket supply chains is occurring despite calls from the United Nations and the World Health Organization to end the overuse of antibiotics in farming.

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Pandemics and intensive farming: what's the link?

Why are infectious disease outbreaks in humans, such as SARS, MERS, swine flu and now Covid-19 becoming increasingly frequent? Is it reasonable to expect ever-more epidemics if we continue with business as usual once Covid-19 has passed?

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Change farming and save our antibiotics | Cóilín Nunan | TEDxExeter

Imagine a global health crisis which causes more deaths than cancer. That’s the future we face unless we take action now to stop the rise of antibiotic resistance. Drawing on decades of academic research, Cóilín Nunan, Scientific Advisor for the Alliance to Save Our Antibiotics, shares the action we need to take now.

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Antibiotics and Trade: Our Position

The Alliance to Save Our Antibiotics has nine key recommendations to safeguard human and animal health pertaining to trade and antibiotics when the UK leaves the EU.

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