Alliance welcomes ASDA's publication of antibiotic-use data

Earlier today, the Guardian newspaper reported on M&S publishing data on its suppliers' antibiotic use for the first time. Since then, Waitrose published its antibiotic-use data, and the Alliance has now been made aware that ASDA has also published data on its antibiotic use.

Cóilín Nunan of the Alliance said: "We very much welcome ASDA's publication of its suppliers' antibiotic-use data. It covers poultry, including egg-layers, beef cattle, dairy cattle and lamb, and a survey for pigs is in progress. For chickens, ASDA's use is less than half the industry average, and for turkeys it is less than a quarter.

ASDA already has a small amount of data on antibiotic use by farming system, but we hope that in the future it will be publishing a lot more data on this, so that consumers can compare free-range and organic, with indoor and more intensive farming systems."